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Proposed Improvements

The goal for the Improving Turkeyfoot Road project is to reduce congestion, and improve traffic flow and safety along Turkeyfoot Road between Dudley Road and Dixie Highway.


A planning study completed in 2018 outlined possible improvement options for the southern portion of this corridor – from Dudley Road to I-275. Suggested improvements include:

  • Realign Town Center Boulevard and Thomas More Parkway to create one intersection at Turkeyfoot Road

  • Widen the I-275 Eastbound exit ramp to add dedicated turn lanes

  • Add a lane to southbound Turkeyfoot Road from the I-275 eastbound exit ramp to just beyond relocated Town Center Boulevard

  • Add a right-turn lane on Turkeyfoot Road from the I-275 Eastbound exit ramp to the existing Town Center Boulevard

  • Convert access to existing Town Center Boulevard to right-in/right-out only

  • Convert the business park access road near U.S. Bank to right-in/right-out only; connect the access road to Thomas More Parkway, near Five Seasons

  • Eliminate right-in entrance to TGI Fridays on Turkeyfoot Road

  • Eliminate the intersection of Fraternity Court and Turkeyfoot Road

  • Eliminate left turns from Villa Madonna Drive to southbound Turkeyfoot Road

  • Add a right-turn lane on the northbound Turkeyfoot Road approach to Thomas More Parkway intersection 

At this point in time, no decisions have been made regarding these suggestions. Currently, the project team is further assessing each of these options for constructability, benefit and impact. The team is also working to develop new improvement alternatives for Turkeyfoot Road between I-275 and Dixie Highway. Once developed, these options will be shared for public review and input.

More information about proposed improvements will be posted as it becomes available. To stay up-to-date on the latest project news be sure to sign up for our email updates!

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